Friday, September 13, 2013


Hi! Welcome to our blog :D My name is Bobbie (to the right) & thats my beautiful mom Elda standing beside me. We are the team that make up Sweet Comfort Designs. Our journey started into the wonderful world of crafting about 2 years ago. My mom had been a crocheter & knitter in her younger days taught by her mother... whom is a highly talented lady when it comes to all crafts! Myself I had dabbled in crocheting a couple times as a child. My mom & grandmother would try and teach me the art of crocheting but it never took hold. I would always get frustrated and believed I didn't have it in me. That was until 2 years ago when I decided to give it another go. I have always loved creation and always had some type of computer building project going at one time or the other but I was wanting something more... so I took the plunge into crocheting and have been so fulfilled since! With my newfound love & confidence I stepped into the world of knitting. It was frustrating at first too but it was worth every moment! I find myself knitting more these days then crocheting but they are both much loved hobbies that both myself & my mom take up almost everyday! (Expect those sleepy or grumpy days, of course!) Giggles! My mom & I were also very blessed not long after our journey started. I had found another fellow crocheter & guru on Youtube... onevirtuouswoman. If you have not since her Fresh Off The Hook videos or awesome tutorials then you must go check her out! She accepted me & mom into her Youtube group Fresh Off The Hook. (For those not familiar with FOTH its a group of crocheters that do weekly videos showcasing there work.) We did FOTH videos for a good few months before moving on to another journey. Joining The Cast Off Crew (Creator-Owner: thecrochetzombie) on Youtube. It has been the most amazing journey... not only learning two new wonderful crafts but also meeting so many fellow crafters like ourselves. We wouldn't trade it for anything :D We created our little home here at Sweet Comfort Designs to journal or work & share it with you all. We love seeing what others are up to and creating... its very inspiring to see! Thank you for visiting our little site. More updates will be coming in the near future. Until then be good to yourself & happy crafting! Bobbie & Elda M.

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